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                          Arts Adventure Day Camp

     AUG 20th - 24th &/or 27th - 31st  9am-3pm, Ages 6-12  $279 (One week) $558 (both weeks)

                    Early drop off/extended care available for additional fee


Campers, get ready to stretch your creative muscles through the world of the arts.  In the spirit of imagination and adventure we have created a Summer Day Camp that delves deep into both traditional and specialty arts programing for children . Designed to help young campers find their own creative voice, our Arts Adventure Day is geared toward fun, friendship and enrichment.  Throughout camp, students will learn foundational skills of  Musical Theater, Improv, Magic, Zumba, Yoga, Art and Arts 'n Crafts using hands-on workshops and interactive group play.  And of course we have not forgotten the fun of traditional summer camp as active games and swimming are enjoyed daily.


Musical Theater :

Children will learn theater foundations and the joy of music and movement through games and play.  The empowerment of dramatics, make-believe and music send even our most bashful campers laughing all the way to the stage!  


Magic :

Our mesmerizing magic lessons are sure to captivate your kid's imagination. Our veteran magician & magic teacher will wow them tricks of this beloved ancient art and then guide them through a workshop that teaches them tricks of their very own.


Improv :

Campers discover the confidence, spontaneity, creativity, trust, and listening skills that each child innately possesses. Our instructors use improv games and creative exercises to help children develop their strengths in communication, playful socializing and laughter . Our Impov workshop for kids is entirely about fun and empowerment. We encourage children to utilize their sense of confidence and imaginations as they learn the basics of improvisation. 


Zumba/Dance :

Zumba and dance are one of the top features in our movement arts curriculum. This popular cardio dance program has been adapted by our instructors along with other dance formats to be utilized in kids fitness. The goal is teach kids that movement and being active is a necessary fun for our body, mind and spirit.


Yoga :

Just as Zumba and dance will send our campers' energy sky rocketing, Yoga compliments this by finding a balance in cooling down. Our instructors explore the joys of yoga, meditation and Zen-ing out which so many exuberant kids miss out on these days.  Our intro to yoga techniques, stretching, flexibility and creative movement is designed to help children develop body awareness while harnessing confidence from within. 


Arts and Crafts :

Specially designed arts and crafts will help to keep your child engaged and learning about different art forms. Vibrant colors, shapes, and exposure to variety of mediums will inspire the creative flair in every camper.


Active Games :

Get out and play! Our active games catalogue is designed by personal trainers to make your kids forget they're working hard because they are having so much fun! Active games encourage team work, fair play, and a love for being outdoors. Our games are not about winning or losing but more about doing your best and forgetting the rest. We use only positive reinforcement and celebrate the message "You can do anything you put your mind to!"

                    AT CHASE PARK 4701 N. ASHLAND AVE. CHICAGO IL 60640
















                 JUNE 25th - AUGUST 17th 3pm -6pm, Ages 6-12   

Musical Theater : (Mon/Wed/Fri) $285


This musical theater summer course will focus on the production of group numbers from popular musicals to be performed in a culminating event at the end of the session.  Students will learn songs, original choreography and work on scene work and monologues. Children will also learn dance dynamics and theater foundations through games and play, laughing all the way to the stage.  The curriculum is created by the students with their voices and interests integral to the projects performed.  This class is for children with an interest in musical theater, all levels are welcome in our safe, exploratory space! Come sing, dance and act your heart out this summer! 


Zumba/Yoga Kids : (Tues/Thurs) $190

Each day for Zumba features choreography to today's hottest global hits, giving each camper an awesome workout while having an absolute blast!  Campers will dance the afternoon away in a safe and positive space, working at a level that pushes them out of their comfort zone by learning choreography week to week, increasing their self-esteem, engaging muscle memory and increasing brain activity.  Most importantly, campers will forget they are breaking a sweat because this class is fun, fun, fun! 


On yoga days, we explore yoga movement, meditation technique and low impact creative movement combined with crafts.  Camp is designed to help children develop body awareness, learn to use their bodies in a healthy way, increase confidence and positive self-image, and feel part of a healthy, non-competitive group.  In a screen heavy world, this class allows students a healthy alternative to tuning out through constant attachment to electronic devices.  Each yoga day combines yoga and arts.  

                 AT CHASE PARK 4701 N. ASHLAND AVE. CHICAGO IL 60640


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